The kohl liner you have always longed for:
rich, opaquely semi-matte, and the deepest black.

The Black Orb Enigmatic Kohl Eyeliner is the eyeliner product we always dreamed of. It is richly pigmented, deep, moody, and dramatic, and can be worn in a wide range of applications. Its mysterious jar invites creativity and allows for greater flexibility in application styles and techniques versus a pencil eyeliner. If you have searched as we did for the perfect inky, moody, dramatic kohl eyeliner, this may move you as much as it does us.

The Black Orb Enigmatic Kohl Eyeliner is neither gel nor powder, and its crème formula behaves with different properties. We recommend using your favorite brushes for application. If you would like to define sharp lines for a winged eyeliner look, or a soft cat eye, we recommend an angled liner brush. To create a lived-in smoky look, apply with a smudge brush and diffuse out with a soft-bristled shadow brush. With just a bit of practice, it can also be applied with fingertips for a smudgy, smoky and perfectly imprecise application.

As The Black Orb is a crème kohl liner, it is easy to continue to modify your liner as you desire rather than being fixed in place. It does not dry down, which means that you have unlimited time to adjust, modify and perfect to your liking.

As with your favorite pencil eyeliners, its lines will soften and may transfer if you choose not to set it after application. While we love wearing it on its own as well for a more undone look, you may wish to set it with a dusting of translucent powder.