Perfectly palm-sized translucent colors to keep with you always and wear every day.

Color Nectar Pigment Balm is our most perfect creation for easy, simple, beautiful and blissful makeup. Like the little sister to Inner Glow Crème Pigment, each multi-use makeup shade is translucent, dewy and emollient while imparting bright, beautifully vibrant color.

Think of these like fingerpaints. They apply easily to the cheeks, lips and eyes in a forgiving and beautifully blendable application. They blend and diffuse together to create stunning sunsets of color, and also make for perfect monochromatic applications. The effect is like watercolors for the skin.

We focused on inviting, easy creativity with every part of Color Nectar Pigment Balm’s creation and development. The palm-sized compacts come with a mirror inside for application anywhere, and tuck perfectly into any pocket or bag. They can be worn as a perfect cream blush, lip tint or cream shadow, so they can be your one product to keep with you always.

Each shade is vibrant yet extremely sheer, and they are just as easy to brighten or soften, so there is no such thing as a mistake. These are joyful, fun shades that can be worn for both bright creative editorial looks or everyday simplicity. The spectrum ranges from beautiful everyday shades to the unexpected, and we encourage you to take risks; they are all remarkably beautiful on all complexions, and each offers something different and special.

Wasp is the perfect sunset yellow blush, and while you may not expect to love this kind of shade, trust your instincts and curiosity. Made with beautifully translucent natural pigments including annatto, there is surprising depth and ease to the shade, and while it may seem intimidating, many Rituelists have joined us in finding it surprisingly beautiful and remarkably easy to wear.

Bright shades like Snapdragon are a joy to wear, and feel like a colorful celebration of color. This is an orange cream blush, tinted balm and cream shadow in one, and creates stunning monochromatic looks. It’s beautiful in summer, and brings beautiful warmth to the cooler months.

Bee Sting is a perfect everyday pink, leaning slightly warmer-toned. This inviting, easy shade is cherubic and soft, a color to wear everywhere.

Bloodflower references ancient rouges, in a glossed cherry red shade that diffuses out to the perfect natural flush. This red is at once historical and modern, and wears as the perfect red cream blush, red lip stain and red cream eyeshadow. A sheer application on the lips with color concentrated at the center also creates the most beautiful popsicle-stained lip look.

Glasswing is a surprise of a shade, with beautiful dimension and depth while still being highly wearable. While it appears to be a deep, blackened purple in the pan, it's expression on the skin is much more exciting. A light application imparts a beautifully wearable reddened plummy flush, and it builds to a wine grape jelly. We particularly love Glasswing as a multi-use makeup shade for monochromatic applications, and it blends beautifully with Bloodflower to create a bitten lip.