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The Black Orb Enigmatic Kohl Eyeliner
Color Set: The Black Orb Vault
Abyss + Dusk + Cinder + Iron
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The Collection

This Color Set contains all four shades of the Black Orb collection. Together, they capture a full range of unexpected darkness for creative exploration in eye looks.

The Colors

Abyss // The kohl liner you have always longed for: rich, opaquely semi-matte, and the deepest black.

Dusk // An inky blue of hypnotizing richness. Dusk is at once dark and vibrant, smoky and bright. This shade evokes the churning sea, the twilight sky, and precious lapis lazuli.

Cinder // A bold, cool-toned storm gray for looks both subtle and daring. Cinder is at once moody and approachable, nostalgic and ultramodern. This shade evokes ominous storm clouds, delicate ashes, and cold slate.

Iron // A deep, sultry red evoking the depths of blood, wine and rust. Iron is at once unexpected and utterly flattering. This is the long-requested return of a beloved shade, exclusive to our site and to be made only in small batches.

ABOUT THE PIGMENT AND ITS USAGE: Dusk is created with the deep blue of ultramarine pigment. Historically ultramarine pigment was made from lapis lazuli stone ground into a fine powder, and this resulted in the rarest blue pigment used in Renaissance painting. Though it also beautifully reflects the pigment’s hue, the name ‘ultramarine’ comes from 14th- and 15th-century Italian traders referencing its origin ‘beyond the sea’ from mines in Afghanistan.

Like other mineral pigments, modern cosmetics-grade ultramarine is synthesized for safety, as mined pigments may contain notable levels of heavy metals. Ultramarine pigment is approved for use in the United States for eyes and face, but not lips. In the European Union, ultramarine is approved for use on eyes, face and lips.

Finish: Semi-matte

Net Wt. 0.24 oz / 6.85 g (each)

The Black Orb Vault | Color Set - Rituel de Fille
Color Set: The Black Orb Vault (4 Shades) Sale price$96.00 Regular price$128.00

Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $24.00 with ShopPay or Afterpay

How To Apply

The Black Orb Enigmatic Kohl Eyeliner is neither gel nor powder, and its crème formula behaves with different properties. We recommend using your favorite brushes for application. If you would like to define sharp lines for a winged eyeliner look, or a soft cat eye, we recommend an angled liner brush. To create a lived-in smoky look, apply with a smudge brush and diffuse out with a soft-bristled shadow brush. With just a bit of practice, it can also be applied with fingertips for a smudgy, smoky and perfectly imprecise application.

The Black Orb Kohl Enigmatic Eyeliner - Rituel de Fille

The Black Orb Enigmatic Kohl Eyeliner

The Black Orb holds dark secrets. Hidden within this mysterious vessel lies the most exceptional black kohl eyeliner.

The Black Orb eyeliner casts the deepest shadows, defines the sharpest lines, and smokes out into the darkest gaze. Created with only natural ingredients, this cruelty-free formula applies perfectly for both precision and imprecision in graphic and diffused looks. It is richly pigmented, deep, moody, and dramatic, and can be worn in a wide range of applications. Its mysterious jar invites creativity and allows for greater flexibility in application styles and techniques versus a pencil eyeliner. If you have searched as we did for the perfect inky, moody, dramatic kohl eyeliner, this may move you as much as it does us.

Spellbinding formulas

Nuanced colors and opulent textures
that merge beautifully with the skin

Formulated like potions

Each pigment, oil and wax is selected
with care and intention

Made by hand in Los Angeles

Crafted in small batches
by a small circle of artisans