A magical concoction of intense, smoldering, everlasting
color with a rich texture between powder and cream.

This is unlike anything else in your collection. Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot has a rich, dense texture somewhere between a powder and cream. Though these colors can be worn as a pigmented eyeshadow, eyeliner, or base for pressed or powder eyeshadows, they are formulated unlike any of these. While their application is unlike anything you have tried before, once you have learned their secrets, they are intuitive and remarkably easy to use.

These are unique shades of remarkable versatility and range; while they can be used to create precise, editorial looks, they also apply easily, intuitively and quickly. In every jar, Ash and Ember Eye Soot offers extraordinary depth of color; each shade is its own expression of the perfect one-and-done eye color, with mesmerizing dimensionality. While they are created in a variety of finishes from satin to shimmer, even the most glimmering shades are richly complex and sophisticated. From the softest champagne and pinks to the deepest smoky eye shades, these eyeshadow crèmes are remarkably long-wearing while appearing perfectly undone, as if they were made for your skin and belong uniquely to you.

Ash and Ember Eye Soot is remarkable in its complexity of color as well as its simplicity of formula. These are richly pigmented potions made with just a touch of natural oil, but their texture, application and wear is coaxed out of these thoughtful, minimalistic ingredients through an artisanal and highly manual process of carefully hand-mixing and hand-packing each jar.

They do not contain any waxes, so they cannot simply be melted and poured. This unusual, pared-down conscious formulation choice limits them to extremely small batches and very low production quantities, but also creates a beautiful result. The depths of the pigments are amplified, they do not melt with the warmth of your skin, and the result is dense, pillowy, rich, velvety—a sensorial pleasure to apply and wear.

While we encourage you to experiment and create, and to always trust what works best for your unique desires, we generally recommend applying these onto bare skin rather than over an eyeshadow primer. Many Rituelists use Ash and Ember Eye Soot as eyeshadow primer for other eyeshadow products. If you have very oily lids, or tend to find most other eyeshadows vanishing quickly on yourself, we recommend dusting a light layer of translucent finishing powder on top rather than using an alternative pigmented eyeshadow base.

If you love a glossed eye, Ash and Ember Eye Soot can also help extend the wear. As when worn by themselves, start with Ash and Ember Eye Soot as the first layer, top with the crème product of your choice, and finish with a dusting of translucent powder. For different effects, we love to wear Ash and Ember Eye Soots under a wide assortment of other products. As a base layer with Rare Light Crème Luminizer, they create a dewy, diffused soft radiance. With Inner Glow Crème Pigment, they offer depth and complexity. Under Celestial Sphere Eye Soot, they amplify the complex luminosity and extend wear. Crème products will always crease on the eyelids, but this can create beautifully complex and dramatic looks—and also be tapped out instantly if preferred.