Metamorphic Highlighter: The Faun

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Product Description

Packaging Note: Due to recent disruptions in the global supply chain, you may notice some minor temporary changes to our compacts as we work to keep our colors available. Though the outside may appear smaller than compacts already in your collection, the product fill weight will remain the same as always with the same color and formula you love. 

Moon Drop - Rituel de Fille


The Faun: 
A fiery, extraordinarily iridescent new shade that reveals itself as a glowing, dewy electric pink of phenomenal brightness. This is an inspiring, evocative and transformative crème highlighter that applies and wears like prismatic magic.

Its fire lies within a translucent suspension, and light is the most important ingredient. Whenever The Faun catches the light—particularly sunlight—it refracts with stunning radiance, and it catches and reflects ambient light in darkness.

Inspiration: Water droplets on an endless field of pink wildflowers, blindingly sparkling in exuberant sunlight. The sheen of damselfly wings. The transformation of bud break, and emergent, ecstatic new life. Heat radiating from sun-warmed skin, the spark of palms touching, the electricity of fingers intertwining.

Mood: Rapturously delirious and dreamlike

The Spectrum: This small-batch, limited-edition shade is a brighter, bolder, electrified sister shade to our bestselling The High Priestess, and introduces a beautiful new dimension to the impossible radiance of Metamorphic Highlighters. Where The High Priestess is a dreamy, cool-toned lilac evocative of the diaphanous, ephemeral iridescence of soap bubbles, The Faun is warm, bold, bright hot pink with a subtle hint of lilac shift revealed in some lights. 

Metamorphic Highlighter: You are the prism. Transform your spectrum with this otherworldly crème highlighter. With translucent radiance and sublime color shifts, Metamorphic Highlighters create an unearthly luminosity like an alien inner light.

Net wt. 0.17 oz / 4.7 g


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Our Process of Creation

Every Rituel de Fille product is obsessively formulated in-house with the smallest number of ingredients possible. Each carefully-selected pigment, oil and wax has a purpose—we use nothing extraneous and avoid fillers. This attention to detail creates intense color and exceptionally long wear in opulent textures.

Finished products and raw ingredients are all Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free. Made of natural ingredients. Made without: synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, talc, or plastic-based glitters.