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Crystalline Matter
Eye Soot
Sparkling Smoky Gray-Silver
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Osmium is smoke captured in crystal, a brightly shimmering yet dramatic silvery gray that reveals glints of tea green and lilac in its depths. This is a smoky eye in one jar, capturing light and shadow in a single sparkling shade.

The inspiration behind the name: Rarer than platinum, brighter than silver, denser than lead. Osmium is a stunningly lustrous element forming brightly twinkling silvery crystal structures. Osmium is the least abundant stable element on earth, and is believed to be the rarest precious metal in the universe.

Vegan color.

PHASE 3 INGREDIENTS NOTE: Osmium and Thallium contain synthetic fluorphlogopite, a new ingredient to us sometimes referred to as "synthetic mica." While our focus remains on formulating with beautiful natural ingredients, synthetic fluorphlogopite is a completely safe synthetic ingredient that is compatible with all health and ethics standards under any definition of clean beauty.

Osmium contains Ferric Ferrocyanide, a beautiful blue pigment. Ferric Ferrocyanide is approved for use in the United States for eyes and face, but not lips. In the European Union, Ferric Ferrocyanide is approved for use on eyes, face and lips.

Crystalline Matter Eye Soot captures the radiance and awe-inspiring beauty of the crystallization process in shades as radiant as the most perfect mineral specimens. These remarkable colors are all formulated, carefully mixed and filled entirely by hand, using only mineral pigments to create their remarkable sparkling finish.

Finish: Bright, complex and glittering

Texture: Flaky with a touch of natural oils, between loose shimmer and drier crème

Net Wt. 0.15 oz / 4.35 g

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Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free

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