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Lab Access ReleaseLimited Edition
Creator Concealer
Ultra High-Coverage + Plush Wear
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For this Lab Access Release event, we invite you to join in our creative process with a full-sized preview of a potential forthcoming launch. After receiving yours at a significantly reduced preview price, you will be invited to participate in a feedback survey to share your experience. We will learn from your insights to develop the final launch. This product will be made to order once the event closes, so expect slightly longer than usual fulfillment times. Due to ingredients availability, we will only be able to accept an extremely limited number of orders. Model photos provided for shade reference only.

A concealer unlike any you have tried before.

Creator Concealer creates your best-ever skin, in an ultra-pigmented formula that merges incredible coverage, conscious ingredients, creamy yet controlled application, seamless blending, and a radiant second-skin finish. This is a new generation of Rituel de Fille complexion, and we want your experienced insight to ensure we are achieving true perfection.


  • Ultra-high coverage that instantly covers dark circles, redness, melasma, hyperpigmentation and blemishes
  • Healthy, radiant second-skin finish
  • Gently hydrates the skin
  • Rich, creamy application texture with lightweight wear
  • Smooths and diffuses
  • Blends seamlessly
  • Self-setting
  • Packaged with a precision doe foot for greater control


Evaluate for overall formula, application, and experience. Not final packaging.


Apply using the doe foot. Blend as desired using fingertips, sponge or brush. Formulated to self-set, and also works beautifully under setting powder if preferred.

Wear with 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation for your most perfect complexion ever.

Finish: Healthy, radiant, second skin effect

Texture: Rich, plush cream

Aroma: Unscented

Net Wt. 10 ml / 0.34 fl oz

What is a Lab Access Release?

A Lab Access Release is an exclusive Rituelist-only event—where you are the product expert. These extremely limited events offer the unique chance to experience an entirely new formula that we love, but that has not yet been locked in; before we launch it to the public, we want to learn from your feedback and wisdom. Lab Access Releases welcome you in to some of our most exciting projects, and help us develop the best possible products for you. Though the duration will be different for every event, you can expect them to last for only a few hours—or at most, a few days.

What can I expect from the products in a Lab Access Release?

These are formulas that we have never released before, that we are particularly excited about—and we want to ensure you will be as well. Lab Access Releases will always be formulated to our highest standards, with the intention of refining and adjusting based on your feedback.

When the event begins, we will make a limited quantity of lab sample-style products available to our community—at a price significantly lower than expected MSRP. After the event ends, you will receive Lab Access Release products that come in comprehensive and accurate—but not final—packaging. Though we will often ask for your feedback on the product format, the component will almost always be temporary for these events.

What happens after the event ends?

You will become part of a small and exclusive group of experts; we will send your test units, and you will experience the new formula for yourself. We encourage you to use the formula multiple times soon after receiving it.

Several weeks later, you will receive an email containing a followup survey. When you share your experiences, your priorities and your desires, you will fundamentally shape the product we ultimately launch. You can expect these surveys to take approximately 15-20 minutes to fill out, though we welcome as much detail as you wish to share.

When will the new product finally be launched?

With any Lab Access Release, our intention is to bring our community into the development process well before any final launch. Timing will be unique to each product; if we do move forward with development, we will then make any relevant changes, adjustments, and packaging updates with your feedback carefully considered.

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Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free

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Color Consultation - Rituel De Fille

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