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Press | Byrdie: The Best Natural Makeup Products on the Market

Rituel de Fille Press: Byrdie
Byrdie Best Natural Makeup
April 26, 2017
We're counting down our very favorite natural makeup products on the market.
Byrdie Best Natural Makeup
PHOTO: Isabella Behravan

As you probably know, April is Earth Month—and while that certainly seems like a pretty apt time to highlight the very best in green beauty, Byrdie's Eco Beauty Awards are pretty timely for more than that one reason. In the past year or two alone, we've been overwhelmed (in the best way) by the sheer volume of plant-based beauty products and brands to hit the market. And unlike the crunchy, DIY tendencies that used to be so synonymous with "natural beauty," these formulas are different: They're the perfect marriage of science and smartly sourced, quality ingredients. They're incredibly effective, and in most cases, they're beautifully packaged to boot. In other words, natural beauty has never been this cool or covetable.

So with that in mind, we made it our mission to weed through the ever-expanding market to highlight our favorite products in hair, makeup, and skincare. Selecting the very best shampoo, cleanser, and lipstick was no easy task—it involved a rigorous nomination process, calling in all of those picks, and then testing every last one before confirming our winners. This week, we'll be rounding up the best in every category—on Monday, we covered hair, and today, we're tackling makeup.

Keep scrolling to see our picks for the best all-natural makeup products on the market.


Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot

Rituel de Fille Eye Soot

The specs: Created by three witchy-chic sisters, Rituel de Fille's MO is "spellbinding natural color," and they seriously deliver with some of the most hypnotic makeup products available on the market today. Consider this "eye soot," a heavily pigmented cream-meets-powder with a sheer, ultra-flattering finish.

Why we love it: "In my opinion, the best eye shadows look effortless and lived-in," says news editor Victoria. "This is all I use—it looks better the more you smudge it, and you can either go for a sheer wash of color or layer it on for something more dramatic. It also has just the right amount of shimmer to it, so the light catches it just so. I have it in every color, and I always get so many compliments."


Rituel de Fille Enchanted Lip Sheer

Rituel de Fille Enchanted Lip Sheer

The specs: As with the brand's Eye Soots, Rituel de Fille's Enchanted Lip Sheers were designed to layer on according to your mood and preference. With a semimatte finish that's at once intensely hydrating, all nine shades are incredibly flattering.

Why we love it: "I've gotten so many people hooked on Rituel de Fille's Enchanted Lip Sheers, and for good reason," says editorial director Faith. "They're on-the-go size, smell amazing, and give your lips the perfect hint of color, all while feeling super moisturizing. Plus, I like that they're made with only the highest-quality natural ingredients. I wear Datura all the time; it's the perfect watermelon-tinged pink that's flattering on every skin tone."

"I really can't stand 99% of lipstick formulas, save for Glossier's Gen G and Rituel de Fille's Enchanted Lip Sheer," adds Victoria. "I love the lived-in look of it—in my opinion, it looks best when you apply just a little bit to the center of your lips and smear it outward with your finger. It's truly the perfect stain. Thistle, Datura, and Blackthorn are my faves."

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