Shop the Look: Exuviae + Swarm Eye with Ghost Light Highlighter

Exuviae + Swarm + Ghost Light

Exuviae + Swarm Eye

How to create the look:

Diffuse Exuviae Ash and Ember Eye Soot over the lid as a base to impart rose-taupe depth and dimension. Ash and Ember Eye Soots make a beautiful base to help crème products wear longer.

Use a brush or your fingertips to lightly apply Swarm Enchanted Lip Sheer onto the lower lash line and crease. Diffuse up toward the brow into your desired shape.

Using your fingertip or a dense brush, tap Exuviae onto the center of the lid and at the inner eye.

Diffuse Ghost Light Rare Light Crème Luminizer onto the cheekbone and browbone.