Celestial Sphere Eye Soots are remarkably iridescent, incredibly radiant products that can be worn on their own on any part of the face and layered over any of our other products. Below, learn our answers to many of the questions we often receive and follow our tutorial to get the most out of these beautiful light-capturing creations. 

Celestial Sphere Eye Soots can be worn over bare skin for a more subtle shimmer, but to minimize creasing, the best base for them is our Ash and Ember Eye Soots—they have a truly unique texture that creates a long-wearing foundation for our other products. We don't suggest layering Celestial Sphere Eye Soot over powder shadows, but they can be layered over any crème product. 

What is a Celestial Sphere Eye Soot?

Celestial Sphere Eye Soots are glimmering, remarkably iridescent products with a rich gelée texture.

These beautiful pots of sparkling light can be used on their own over bare skin, over your favorite primer, or over your favorite crème products.  

What other products would you recommend using with Celestial Sphere Eye Soots?

Celestial Sphere Eye Soots can be layered or mixed with any of our other products. For longest wear on the eyes, we recommend starting with a base of any Ash and Ember Eye Soot, and tapping your Celestial Sphere Eye Soot over the top. The two products work in perfect balance. The Celestial Sphere Eye Soot creates a remarkable complexity of color — with an iridescent effect like the shift of a butterfly wing. The Ash and Ember Eye Soot creates a long-wearing foundation for the Celestial Sphere Eye Soot to build upon.