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Press | Byrdie: An Uncensored Look Inside Byrdie Editors' Bags

Rituel de Fille Press: Byrdie
Byrdie Editor Bags
April 15, 2016
We made our staffers spill the contents of their purses.

“What’s in My Bag?” is a story you’ve seen from every blogger and magazine in the universe. But usually it’s a highly planned and curated event. You can tell that any unflattering items (toothpaste, cuticle cutters, anything that requires too much explaining) have all been removed from the frame. But what fun is taking a look inside someone’s personal life without getting to see the dirt?

I wanted a rawer take on this “what’s in my bag?” concept. An #honestbagspill, if you will. So, I conspired with some colleagues on the social media side of things here at Byrdie to ambush our L.A. editors, swipe their purses, and take an unfiltered look at their contents. Zero planning, zero perfection. I know, this sounds a little cray (and slightly criminal), but what we found did not disappoint.

If you follow Byrdie on Snapchat (and you totally should!), you might have seen this ambush take place in real time. If not, I went ahead and saved the story for you. Get caught up by watching the video below!

Faith Xue, Editorial Director

Byrdie Editors Bags
PHOTO: Isabella Behravan

“Ah, yes. I must say I wasn’t exactly thrilled when my bag was suddenly ripped from my hands—some warning would have been nice so I could have at least taken out my toothbrush. But I guess that defeats the purpose of this story. “I look at the contents of my bag so artfully splayed out, and I can only laugh, because whoever said you can learn a lot about a woman from the contents of her bag was completely right, at least for me. I’m constantly carrying at least five lipsticks with me at a time, no matter how small the bag, and the bunch displayed here are a mix of some holy grail classics (Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution), new favorites (Rituel de Fille’s Enchanted Lip Sheer, and 100% Pure’s Pomegranate Oil Lipstick), and two outliers (Dr. Hauschka’s since-discontinued lipstick, which is the creamiest nude, and Flower Beauty’s Hydrasilk Lip Butter, which I had just put in my purse to try).

Find the products mentioned here:

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