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Press | Allure: Best of Beauty Award Winner 2017

Rituel de Fille Press: Allure
Allure Rare Light Luminizer Best of Beauty review
Allure Rare Light Luminizer Best of Beauty review

A versatile, natural cream highlighter that'll make you look like your face is starring in a Sofia Coppola film (one of the pretty ones)

On any given day, I'm not trying to blind anyone or appear like an ethereal being — I'm just trying to look like I got enough sleep last night and I'm put-together, like a low-key Earth angel. Such modest requests. Is that too much to ask of a makeup product? Extra points for making my complexion appear filtered like a Sofia Coppola film.

I was wooed by the Instagram images of this highlighter, I will admit. Rituel de Fille is known for being the witchy-chic natural makeup brand that makes magical-looking pigments and finishes. I hadn't really bought into the holographic makeup trend since it tends to make olive complexions like mine look plagued by an otherworldly condition rather than a being that's descended from an otherworldly planet. But warmer-toned holo-highlighters can work a bit of magic on me and this highlighter in Phosphene has a flattering rosy finish (FYI, the luminizer also comes in four other shades).

Let me preface by saying that I know there's a big debate on the cream versus powder highlighter. I tend to use cream products more because I think they blend in a more natural-looking way — plus, I don't have to fuss with dirty makeup brushes. So that's a win already. Tapping this creamy formula on is hella easy. You just smear it on the high points of you face. What's great about it is how fine the shimmer is so you can go really subtle and build with each subsequent dip-and-stroke on your face.

Start with a little dab here and there to look like you just woke up on the right side of the bed, add a bit more for a filtered daydream visage, and then really glob it on to look like a celestial princess. A subtle glow is always nice, but sometimes you just want to look like you're from another planet — but a pretty one.

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