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Extended Ingredient Information: 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation

The Special Ingredient

3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation is the first-ever product in any category–including skincare–to be created with JD Phyto-Or 1%™, a hyper-potent new carotenoid active (INCI Name: Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil; Blakeslea Trispora Mycelium Extract/C30-45 Olefin)

JD Phyto-Or 1% brings the very first pure phytoene to beauty formulation, making 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation also the first beauty product to ever contain an isolated form of this carotenoid.


The Magic Within

Carotenoids are plant-derived antioxidant compounds that are great for your skin. There's just one problem: the most common carotenoids are also pigments. Beta-carotene is what makes carrots orange, and lycopene is what makes tomatoes red. Use too much in a formula, and it will change the coloring in the bottle and on your face.

As a uniquely colorless carotenoid, phytoene can be used at higher concentrations for greater efficacy–without turning you orange like beta-carotene.

JD Phyto-Or 1% is a special compound that combines pure fermented phytoene–at a consistent concentration of 1%–with organic jojoba oil.



Phytoene has never before been available in an isolated form. Created through a patent-pending new process, this isolated phytoene is produced through mycelial fermentation using non-GMO vegetable oils in a zero-waste process.

In clinical trials, JD Phyto-Or 1% has demonstrated significant, measurable improvements in radiance, firmness, elasticity, and evenness of skin tone, while also soothing the skin, protecting from pollution, and supporting the hydro-lipid barrier. JD Phyto-Or 1% is natural and biodegradable, non-comedogenic and safe for all skin types.

3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation is formulated with JD Phyto-Or 1% at effective concentration to take full advantage of this remarkable ingredient.



We knew that we wanted to use a base of jojoba oil, marula oil and MCT oil to create a foundation that's incredible for your skin–but oil-based active ingredients are rare. Through careful research and remarkable luck, we were able to find and formulate with the perfect entirely new active ingredient before anyone else had taken it to market.

JD Phyto-Or 1% is the best of all worlds. It is truly cutting-edge, has demonstrated efficacy, yet is made from only a short list of natural ingredients: mycelium fermented in vegetable oil, suspended in a base of organic jojoba oil.


The Studies

In Vivo Human Testing

Studied over 28 days using 33 female volunteers, average age of 55.
Twice a day application with JD Phyto-Or 1% at a 1.5% concentration in a jojoba oil base.
*Note; 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation uses JD Phyto-Or 1% at a concentration of 2%.


  • Up to 45% improvement in soothing effect
    *Evaluated after irritation with a 10% lactic acid solution
  • Up to 40% enhancement of skin firmness
    *Measured using a Cutometer® MPA 580.
  • Up to 17% improvement in hydro-lipid skin barrier
    *Skin hydration measured using a Tewameter® to evaluate TEWL.
  • Up to 14% improvement of skin elasticity
    *Measured using a Cutometer® MPA 580.
  • Up to 10% improvement of skin smoothness
    *Skin surface analysis (smoothness) and wrinkles analysis measured using a Primos 3D Lite.
  • Up to 10% improvement in skin tone brightening
    *Measured using a Mexameter® MX 18 to quantify hyperpigmentation.
  • Up to 9% reduction in skin redness
    *Measured using a Mexameter® MX 18 for Erythematic index.

In Vitro Testing

Pollution-induced ROS (reactive oxygen species) formation

This study was carried out on HaCaT cells, and the concentration of DCFDA was measured as an indicator of ROS presence. This study measured ROS generation against control with DPM (diesel particulate matter), then with the addition of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) or JD Phyto-Or 1%.

Measured ROS as percent of control:

  • DPM: 4000
  • NAC: 1000
  • JD Phyto-Or 1%: 1500

Anti-inflammatory activity related to pollution

The study was carried out on HaCaT cells, concentration of Interleukin-8 (protein related to inflammation) was measured as an inflammation response.
DPM - Diesel Particulte Matter
DEX - Dexamethasone, anti-inflammatory drug
JD Phyto-Or 1%
Concentration of 56 ppm

IL-8 (PG/ML)

  • Control: 6
  • DPM: 13
  • DEX: 5
  • JD: 8


The Summary

Carotenoids are highly beneficial to the skin, but common carotenoids like Beta-Carotene can only be used at very low percentages in beauty formulation because they impart color too.

A colorless carotenoid that has never before been isolated, phytoene, has been created using a patent-pending new process of fermenting mycelium in vegetable oil. This phytoene is then added at a concentration of 1% to organic jojoba oil to create a new compound, JD Phyto-Or 1%, the only beauty ingredient on the market that contains this pure phytoene. This compound has been shown in clinical testing to have measurable benefits both in vivo and in vitro based on objective measurement criteria.

Rituel de Fille's 3 Drop Weightless Serum Foundation is the first beauty product to launch in any category using JD Phyto-Or 1%, meaning it is also the first to use isolated phytoene.


Please note:

We are presenting this for informational purposes only, in the interest of providing as much ingredients transparency as possible. We are using the most current information we have available as of April 30, 2023. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our customer service contact form.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.