The Rituel de Fille laboratory contains books filled with beautiful secrets. Within these pages, we retain the records for all of our formulas past and present. And on September 27, for the first time ever, we will be reopening them to bring back some of our most requested limited-edition shades.

And we now reveal the most exciting revelation: though we cannot retain all of these beautiful shades forever, we want to know which you love most. You will determine which products become part of our permanent line.

Each collection will return for just two days.

Once The Archive closes, the three sisters will convene to review the records, and the colors that received the most substantial response in your orders will be brought back as permanent members of our line.

We are so excited to see what you will choose. Final selections will be announced starting on October 5.


Can I combine orders from multiple launch days?

Yes! Packages will start shipping after The Archive closes to allow for orders from multiple collections. If you place more than one order, simply reply to either of your order confirmation emails to let us know you would like to combine your shipments, and we will happily do so. 

How many colors will be brought back into the permanent line?

That depends entirely upon you. We know that we cannot reintroduce more than a handful of these colors permanently, but seeing the response to each will determine the final selection.

Can I receive a color consultation for colors from The Archive?

Yes! However, we strongly recommend making your request now to ensure you receive a response in time for the launch. Please send an email to with the subject line “Color consultation request: The Archive”, attach a photo of yourself in natural light, and let us know what you hope to find. 

What times will the relaunches begin and end?

Each release will run from noon on the start day to 11:59 pm on the end date—all Pacific Time.