We stand with the Asian community. 

We stand against hate. We stand against racism. We stand against xenophobia. We stand against violence. 

We ask you to join us to #StopAsianHate. 

Anti-Asian violence has reached an all-time high through the COVID-19 pandemic, and our home of Los Angeles is one of the epicenters of this horrific escalation. The scapegoating of Asian American individuals and communities through COVID-19 is wrong on every level: ethically, morally, factually, scientifically. Hate crimes against Asians cannot be ignored, and the violence, harassment and discrimination fueled by this racism must be stopped.

In addition to using our platform to help amplify this message, from March 4-5, 2021, we will be donating 100% of net profits from the sale of all Color Nectar Pigment Balm shades on ritueldefille.com to two nonprofit initiatives doing essential work to track and stop violence and discrimination against Asian Americans: Advancing Justice AAJC (@advancingjustice_aajc) and Stop AAPI Hate (@stopaapihate). 

There are more ways you can help support this important cause:

  • Speak out against anti-Asian rhetoric and ideologies. Practice active anti-racism. As a valuable resource, in collaboration with @ihollagram, Advancing Justice AAJC will be offering free upcoming training sessions on bystander intervention (March 15 at 6pm ET) and conflict de-escalation (March 17 at 2pm ET). Follow @advancingjustice_aajc for more information.
  • In addition to the two nonprofits we will be donating to, we encourage you to follow and donate to organizations and projects such as @searac, @heartofdinner, @apalanational, and @hatecrimebook. Seek out local opportunities in your community, which can be particularly impactful: donate to and volunteer with grassroots organizations in your area. 
  • Challenge the harmful myth of the model minority and actively educate yourself about the diverse experiences of Asian Americans. 
  • Support your local Asian-owned businesses; many of them have been hit particularly hard over the past year and need your support to survive. 
  • Follow accounts covering Asian American news, such as @nextshark @dionlimtv.

With love and in solidarity,
Caroline, Michelle and Katherine
Sisters and Founders