Natural ingredients are our obsession, but we're also concerned with the safety of every product we create. If left unprotected, natural makeup quickly collects bacteria and other microbes from use. Phenoxyethanol is an anti-bacterial, while potassium sorbate is antifungal and anti-microbial. Caprylyl glycol and hexylene glycol hold them in suspension. This combination is extremely gentle on the skin, and keeps our products safe while being effective in very low concentrations. All are synthetically derived and do not come from palm oil, minimizing environmental impact. 


Our statement of 99% natural is exact. By weight, at least 99% of each of our formulas are made from pronounceable, minimally refined natural ingredients. The remaining 1% is a gentle preservative that is entirely paraben-free, phthalate-free and formaldehyde-free while offering much greater overall safety.


While preservatives are always worthy of careful consideration, there is no question that the bacteria, mold and other microbes represent very real risks to health. Our products are all anhydrous, meaning they are formulated without water, but that only ensures stability as long as the product remains unopened. Water from mucous membranes (such as your mouth or eyes) as well as ambient moisture can create a hospitable environment for unfriendly invaders.

One common, extremely misleading statement is that phenoxyethanol use is legally limited in Japan, but what often isn't mentioned is that that limitation dictates phenoxyethanol be used in cosmetics specifically—not in any way a restriction from use in cosmetics.