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Send this screenshot to vote@ritueldefille.com. We will respond within 2 business days with the secret password to grant you access.

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Rituel de Fille is committed to creating intentional, purposeful products for expressing your own power. This year has drawn us to talking with you about many issues far outside of the usual realm of makeup, but has also brought into sharp focus that beauty itself is political.

These are significant times, and as a small team working to put meaningful things into the world, we feel called to be of service to a broader social good in every way we can. The 2020 election will have incalculable long-term effects on our communities and our country, and we believe it is essential to use all of our focus to help shape the course of history for the better.

Protest and direct action are essential parts of creating change, and your vote builds the foundation. Voting is not the end of civic engagement, but it is the essential first step to claiming your own power in a democracy. And together, we can express great strength.



With this campaign, we have two ambitious intentions:

  1. To reach 100% voter turnout among customers and followers who are legally eligible to vote in the United States.
  2. To help make voting possible for individuals and communities who face unequal challenges in making their voice heard, either due to undemocratic voter suppression or economic hardship.

How will we do this?

We have created an absolutely stunning new limited-edition color: The Dream Metamorphic Highlighter. It is an astonishingly beautiful infrared shift, a true power color to wear to the polls—or while dropping your mail-in ballot.

This is the most exclusive shade we have ever created: The Dream will be locked within a special section of our site, and the secret password will only be revealed to registered voters.

We will donate 100% of net profits from The Dream Metamorphic Highlighter to organizations doing remarkable work to support voting rights.



We will donate 100% of net profits from The Dream Metamorphic Highlighter to two remarkable nonpartisan campaigns doing essential work for voting rights: Reclaim Our Vote and Spread the Vote.

Reclaim Our Vote is a project of the Center for Common Ground of Virginia. Since 2017, Reclaim Our Vote has focused on states with long histories of voter suppression to drastically increase voter registration and turnout in communities of color. In 2020, through tactics including calls, postcards, canvassing, providing transportation to the polls, and election monitoring, they are working toward ambitious goals for increasing turnout among voters of color. Reclaim Our Vote works in partnership with organizations such as the NAACP, Black Voters Matter, Mi Famila Vota, VoteRiders and DemLabs.

Spread the Vote works to help people empower themselves to be heard at the polls: with IDs, registration, education, and turnout. Voter ID laws create an impossible barrier for low-income individuals who cannot afford the cost of obtaining an ID, depriving a major segment of the population from their democratic rights; Spread the Vote is committed to helping overcome this. They also make election guides for real people, assist in voter registration, create digital and real-world education tools, and help voters make and execute a plan to vote. 77% of those they work with have never voted before, and 100% would not be able to vote without the help of Spread the Vote.


Our goal is to support democratic participation, not to leave anyone out due to circumstances outside of their control. If you are not eligible to vote in the United States due to reasons such as residency, citizenship in another country, immigration status, felony disenfranchisement, or age, you will not be excluded. Please email us at vote@ritueldefille.com to gain access.⠀


Participating in Hex the Vote does not add you to any marketing list, nor will we ever sell your information to any third party under any circumstances. You will hear back from a real person with your secret access code.

We ask that you submit a screenshot from voteamerica.com specifically because their confirmation page does not contain any sensitive personal information. If you would like to submit a registration confirmation from any other site or service, we welcome you to do so, but you must first redact any personal information other than your name, city, and confirmation of your registration status.

You must not include any additional personal information such as home address, political party affiliation, social security or state ID number, or anything else that may be considered sensitive that may be included on the confirmation page of other services.