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This red lipstick set features a color palette that gathers sanguine lip shades from fresh blood to dried. We created this red lipstick trio to welcome the emergence of Ravenous Forbidden Lipstick, and with its sister shades, capture a spectrum of evocative, animalistic, powerful color.

The Colors

Ravenous Forbidden Lipstick // A bite, a break. Red flows darkly, swelling with each heartbeat. Drops fall, cluster, merge. The blood slowly, silently darkens.

Swarm Enchanted Lip Sheer // A rich, vibrant, earth-inflected red evokes blood in fresh soil, and draws inspiration from swarm behavior in the natural world; convergences of plant, pollinator and predator.

Written in Blood Forbidden Lipstick // A vibrant, universally flattering blood red lipstick made with carmine pigment from the cochineal insect. Carmine has been worn by women for centuries and imparts a stunning red unmatched by other dyes.


Net wt. (each color): 0.06 oz / 1.8 g 


Our Process of Creation

Every Rituel de Fille product is obsessively formulated in-house with the smallest number of ingredients possible. Each carefully-selected pigment, oil and wax has a purpose—we use nothing extraneous and avoid fillers. This attention to detail creates intense color and exceptionally long wear in opulent textures.

Finished products and raw ingredients are all Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free. Made of natural ingredients. Made without: synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, talc, or plastic-based glitters. 

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