Color Set: Fleur Sauvage


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The Collection

Shades inspired by lush overgrowth, the deadly allure of carnivorous plants, and the strange chromatic language whispered between flowers and pollinators.

The Colors

Chrysalis Forbidden Lipstick // A mysterious, smoky green with an alluring sheen. This deeply verdant hue evokes the depths of a dark forest: shifting butterfly wings, iridescent beetle shells, glistening moss, and glimmering night waters.

Bloodroot Enchanted Lip Sheer // Worn sheer, this shade imparts a vibrant amber. With bolder application, it shifts to a powerful blood orange, with alluring translucence and depth.

Delirium Inner Glow Crème Pigment // This is the shade of fever dreams; a ripened nectarine with golden highlights in a sheer formulation.

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