Color Set: Rare Light Luminizer — Origin of Light



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Rare Light Luminizers: An unexpected light in the darkness appears, flickering with otherwordly radiance. This light may be a guide, a portent, a deception, or a glimpse of the divine.

Whether a trick of the eye or a change in the atmosphere, apparitions and distortions of light challenge your perception—while hinting at an unearthly magic. Radiant arcs reaching over the horizon, flickering blazes that move as if alive, and glimmers just at the edge of vision are the inspiration of myth and the source of limitless wonder.

We have captured this ephemeral, mysterious beauty to create our Rare Light Luminizers.

Inspired by extraordinary light phenomena, each shade imparts an ethereal glow—with a highlight that subtly shifts and transforms to reveal a remarkable depth of color. Each can be worn on any part of the face or body to create a beguiling radiance.


This collection includes three stunning shades, the original colors in the Rare Light Luminizer line:

Ghost Light: Levitating with the glow of lantern light or the flickering flame of a candle, the ghost light flits through the darkness of forests and marshes, inspiring stories of will-o’-the-wisp and elemental spirits.

This opalescent shade illuminates with a cool-toned pale pink and a shift of violet-blue.


Anthelion: Visible as an arc opposite the sun, this mysterious halo refracts the warm glow of daylight in a stunning display.

This striking gold shifts with a subtle red-orange highlight, glowing warm like a ray of sunlight.


Phosphene: Often described as seeing stars, this kinetic perception of light is created by the viewer—the patterns observed in pitch-black darkness, the rhythmic shimmer of meditation, the sparks from rubbing your eyes.

This radiant neutral imparts a soft, pale beige glow with a hint of peachy-blush shift.

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