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The Collection

Darkness falls, the horizon line glowing with ephemeral glints of warm, pale gold. The sky deepens to a blackened purple just as the stars reveal themselves. Cool autumnal air slinks over skin and flicks candlelight in the first intoxicating moments of evening. This is Night Visions, a collection inspired by this uniquely powerful moment of transformation, in shades that capture the final glimmers of light.

The Colors

Sigil Ash and Ember Eye Soot // A warm champagne gold with a hint of pale pink. This shade is a resonant whisper. Sigil brings light to any eye color, and can be worn either as an all-over wash, a highlight, or a brightening liner.

Night Wanderer Forbidden Lipstick // A blackened Byzantium purple with the subtlest warm glints. This is the color of wildflower fields at midnight, softly illuminated by a haloed moon.

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