These magical creations capture the night sky in constellations of scintillating starlight.

Celestial Sphere Gelée Eye Gloss is a beautiful, highly unusual creation suspending extraordinary sparkling iridescent pigments in a rich, emollient gelée base. Each color is inspired by a constellation, and each evokes a different expression of shimmering starlight. They are beautiful elements in your Rituel de Fille collection for creating glossy eye looks, shifting the shade and finish of crème colors, and experimenting with light.

Our original collection of Celestial Sphere Gelée Eye Gloss, including shades Ara and Pyxis, suspend translucent iridescent pigments in a translucent base. This makes for something unexpected: an iridescence like the shift of a morpho butterfly wing, diaphanous, delicate and unexpected. Their color comes only from refraction, so they appear nearly clear until they are hit by the light and reveal the constellations within. These shades can be worn on every part of the face as an eyeshadow, lip topper and even a daring highlighter.

Our Dark Constellations collection brought a new expression of starlight with moody shades including Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Serpens. These dark yet mesmerizingly iridescent shades of Celestial Sphere Gelée Eye Gloss evoking the deep cosmos. Each new color suspends color-shifting, sparkling mineral pigment in a translucent black gelèe for dramatic, shadowy yet glimmering applications. We love these on both eyes and lips.

Rituel de Fille Celestial Sphere Gelée Eye Gloss is a lush shimmer eye cream product with a balmy texture, and while these colors may set, they do not dry down. They interact beautifully with the skin for a lived-in, undone look; they will crease, and do it beautifully.

We recommend several different methods for working with them. First, when applying, tap on in thin layers for the most iridescence possible; counterintuitively, thinner applications mean greater iridescence, brighter shimmer and a longer wear. They can be built up this way as well. They can be worn on bare skin, and can also be held with a base of Ash and Ember Eye Soot. Softer shades such as Sigil will create a more subtle effect, while a base of deeper shades like Obsidian will show the color shifts more vibrantly. Experiment with different shade combinations for a stunning spectrum of different effects.

As with our other crème products, you may also want to try a dusting of translucent powder over the top as a finishing step to set further.